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Is Fantastic Sams Going Out of Business: Discover the Truth

Is Fantastic Sams going out of business? If you’ve ever needed a quick haircut or a stylish hair makeover without the hassle of booking an appointment, chances are you’ve come across Fantastic Sams.

But recently, there have been whispers about the fate of this iconic hair salon chain. Recent events happening with the brand have made many people doubt if it’s going to be in the market for so long.

If you are also a customer of Fantastic Sams, then you probably also have questions in your mind concerning the future of the brand. But is Fantastic Sams going out of business really? Let’s find out.

Just keep reading to find answers to many questions you might have about Fantastic Sams and the rumor about its potential closure.

A Closer Look at Fantastic Sams

Before we delve into addressing your concerns about Fantastic Sams, we think it will be more appropriate to start with what the brand is all about first. This will make the rest of the article more meaningful to people who are not so familiar with the company.

Fantastic Sams Holding Corp. is a well-known American full-service haircare franchise that introduced the concept of a no-appointment, walk-in hair salon.

Founded in 1974 by Sam Ross in Memphis, Tennessee, Fantastic Sams quickly made a name for itself by offering accessible and affordable salon experiences to people across the United States and Canada.

In 1976, the company started franchising under the title “Incredible Sam’s” before rebranding as “Fantastic Sams” in 1981 to make it easier to say.

With more than 450 franchised locations, the brand became the first unisex salon chain that is nationally franchised in the United States. This milestone solidified its place as one of the largest salon chains in the country. Alongside its salon services, Fantastic Sams also offers a range of hair-care products to its customers.

In 2011, the company saw a significant change when it was acquired by Dessange International, a European beauty salon chain. This acquisition marked a new era for Fantastic Sams, and it continued to expand and evolve.

Is Fantastic Sams Going Out of Business?

Is Fantastic Sams Going Out of Business
Is Fantastic Sams Going Out of Business

Despite its historical success and reputation for quality service, Fantastic Sams started facing challenges that raised questions about its future. Many locations of Fantastic Sams have closed down, and the distribution of its hair care products has declined.

Some loyal customers noticed this slow decline in the number of operating locations and so have been asking is Fantastic Sams going out of business.

One customer expressed their sadness when the St. Joseph, Missouri location closed its doors on March 23… but is this a sign of a larger issue? Many clients called other locations, only to hear disconnected phone lines, suggesting that more closures might be occurring.

What eventually put a nail on the coffin is the recent acquisition of Fantastic Sams. Yes, the company was acquired after declaring bankruptcy. But the acquisition does not mean Fantastic Sams is going out of business. We will shed more light on that in the next section.

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Who Bought Fantastic Sams?

To shed light on Fantastic Sams’ uncertain future, we turn to recent developments. In July 30, 2023, a California Bankruptcy Court cleared the way for a group of investors to acquire Fantastic Sams. This acquisition was made possible for slightly more than $17 million from its debt-laden parent company, Opal Concepts Inc.

The winning bidder was Cheveux Acquisition, a group formed by four entrepreneurs who also owned the New England franchise rights for Fantastic Sams.

The acquisition of Fantastic Sams by Cheveux Acquisition brings hope for the brand’s revival. It’s a significant development for the chain and its customers who have been eagerly waiting for news about its future.

What Should Fantastic Sams Customers Expect From the Acquisition?

With new ownership in place, Fantastic Sams may have an opportunity to rejuvenate its brand and expand once again. The chain, which once boasted over 1,100 locations in the United States, will likely aim to rebuild its presence and continue offering accessible, high-quality haircare services to customers.

As we eagerly await the outcome of this transition, one thing is clear: Fantastic Sams’ legacy as a pioneer in the no-appointment, walk-in hair salon industry remains intact. The brand has weathered storms before and come out stronger, and this latest chapter may prove no different.


Why is it Called Fantastic Sams?

The name “Fantastic Sams” has a charming backstory. Legend has it that the name originated when a delighted customer, after receiving a particularly stylish haircut, exclaimed, “That’s fantastic, Sam!” This catchy phrase shows the salon’s commitment to delivering fantastic haircare experiences and hence became the brand’s enduring identity.

Is Fantastic Sams Going Out of Business?

Fantastic Sams is not currently going out of business. Recent developments, including a change in ownership, indicate that the brand is navigating challenges and working towards a more secure future. While some locations have faced closures, the brand as a whole is undergoing transformations that may influence its long-term viability.

How Many Fantastic Sams Locations are There?

Presently, Fantastic Sams boasts a robust network of over 450 salon locations across the United States and Canada. These locations continue to provide accessible and quality haircare services to a wide range of clientele.

Who is the CEO of Fantastic Sams?

Tom Boitz presently holds the position of CEO at Fantastic Sams. His leadership plays a crucial role in steering the brand through changes and ensuring its continued presence in the haircare industry.

How Long has Fantastic Sams Been Around?

Fantastic Sams has been a part of the haircare landscape since its inception in July 1974. With a history spanning over four decades, it has evolved from a single salon in Memphis, Tennessee, to become one of the largest and most recognizable full-service haircare salon chains in North America.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Haircut at Fantastic Sams?

The cost of a haircut at Fantastic Sams can vary depending on factors such as the salon’s location and the specific services requested. On average, a standard adult haircut at Fantastic Sams may range from $15 to $30 or more, with additional charges for styling or other services.

Can I Get Hair Coloring and Highlights at Fantastic Sams?

Yes, Fantastic Sams offers a range of hair coloring and highlighting services. They provide options for single-process hair coloring, highlights, lowlights, and various color techniques to help customers achieve their desired look.

However, you may need to confirm with the Fantastic Sam location in your area to know it they offer these services and what the cost looks like.

Is Fantastic Sams Going Out Of Business – Final Note

So, is Fantastic Sams going out of business? While the chain has faced challenges and closures in recent times, the recent acquisition by Cheveux Acquisition brings hope for its revival.

Fantastic Sams has a good history of providing convenient and affordable salon experiences, and it’s possible that with new ownership, it will continue to do so for many more years to come.


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