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Is Cirkul Going Out of Business: It’s Really Unlikely

Is Cirkul going out of business? With rumors flying about the fate of this innovative water bottle company, it’s time to address these speculations head-on.

Cirkul is not just a name; it’s a revolution in the beverage industry. If such a business is going out of business, then it’s definitely going to leave a hole in the hearts of many people.

But what’s the truth behind this speculation. Is Circul going out of business really? Let’s dive deep into the details to find out what’s really happening with the company.

A Closer Look at Cirkul

Cirkul is not just another water bottle brand. Founded by Garrett Waggoner and Andy Gay, former Dartmouth College football teammates, the company introduced a game-changing concept: a water bottle with interchangeable flavor cartridges.

This allows users to adjust the flavor intensity according to their preference, ensuring that every sip is tailored to the individual’s taste. It’s a bold move away from the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional flavored drinks.

This dynamic and customizable hydration solution capitalizes on a few significant societal shifts. First, the increasing demand for personalized experiences – in the age of customized playlists, monogrammed accessories, and bespoke diets, why shouldn’t our beverages be tailored to our specific tastes?

But rumors have been flying around recently, stating that the innovative company is struggling and may soon close its doors for good. Well, no one actually knows how true this is. But we have an hint. Just keep reading.

Is Cirkul Going Out of Business?

To put it straight and simple, the answer to the question is no, Cirkul is not going out of business. Contrary to the rumors, Cirkul shows no signs of slowing down. Instead, it’s expanding, introducing new flavors, and launching fresh brands.

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Where Did the Rumor Come From?

About a year ago, Reddit became the hotbed for speculation about Cirkul’s potential closure. a Reddit user sparked controversy by suggesting Cirkul had abandoned its social media presence, neglected customer emails, and stopped processing orders or cancellations.

But challenging times don’t necessarily mean a company is sinking. The management of the company said the company was only passing through trying times at the time, and they were nothing close to shutting down.

They stated that their recent moves and developments are sure pointing to a thriving company rather than one that is about to throw in the towel. So, is Cirkul going out of business? The answer no!

Cirkul Expands its Beverage Platform

Rebranding and growth are at the core of Cirkul’s recent moves, which hugely debunk the bankruptcy myth. The company recently launched eight proprietary brands, introducing an additional 50 flavors to its collections.

Some of the categories recently added include coffee, tea, energy drinks, and more, ensuring that Cirkul remains at the forefront of the beverage industry.

According to Cirkul CEO, Garrett Waggoner, this recent expanding can be seen as a revolutionary way to distribute beverages to further strengthen sustainability and user customization.

What Are Some New Flavors Recently Added?

As we said, Cirkul  recently added to its collection of flavors by extending its beverage platform. So, what are some flavors that recently joined the band?

The variety is endless. Customers can now enjoy beverages ranging from the state-inspired Gateway Tea like Pennsylvania Lemon and Washington Raspberry to Frosted iced coffees and the electrolyte-rich Stage Hydration. With offerings like Verda and Puressence, they’ve solidified their spot as beverage innovators.

Is Cirkul Facing Financial Challenges?

Financial challenges? Quite the opposite! With a 150% growth rate yearly since its 2018 launch and consistent profitability for the past two years, Cirkul’s financial health looks robust.

Cirkul’s value presently stands at a staggering $1 billion. Their products are in high demand, with Walmart alone selling over 1.5 million Cirkul bottles. So, if anyone is thinking that Cirkul is probably facing any financial challeneges now, then it is most unlikely!


Is Cirkul Back in Business?

Cirkul was never really “out” of business. The company’s expansion into stores like Walmart and Bed, Bath, & Beyond underscores its growth. Over 1.5 million Cirkul bottles have flown off Walmart’s shelves alone.

Is There Another Company Like Cirkul?

While there are competitors in the market, like Dayes and Alene Candles, Cirkul’s unique flavor cartridge system sets them apart from the rest.

So, we cannot really say there is another company like Cirkul per say. The company came to the market with a completely unique and innovative idea that no other company would be able to rival any time soon.

How Much is the Cirkul Company Worth?

As of the time of writing this post, Circul is worth around $1 billion. The company has enjoyed a huge success since its introduction into the market. Its unique addition to the flavored-water niche clearly peaks great about the company.

Who Invented Cirkul Water?

The innovative minds behind Cirkul, co-founders Garrett Waggoner and Andy Gay, conceived the idea during their days as football teammates at Dartmouth College. Little did they know that this is a business idea worth a billion dollar.

Apart from making good money from their products, the unique products have also contributed positively to the lives of many people.

Is Cirkul Safe for Pregnancy?

Cirkul’s ingredients are deemed safe for everyone. However, expectant and nursing mothers would need to first consult with a healthcare provider before taking these flavord drinks.

How Many Flavors Does Cirkul Have?

The variety is immense. Cirkul boasts over 100 flavors, each specially crafted to add a zing to your water without any unwanted extras like sugar or artificial colors. It doesn’t favorite flavor is, you will likely find a flavor that blends well with your taste.

Is Cirkul Going Out of Business – Final Note

We are glad we have been able to help you see some of the recent events happening behind the scenes of Cirkul. So, is Cirkul going out of business? The answer is a resounding no.

Not only is the company thriving, but it’s also innovating, expanding, and setting new standards in the beverage world. Those looking for a customizable and delicious drink solution need look no further than Cirkul. The company is still very much around – it never left! 


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