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Is Morphe Going Out of Business: Many Stores Closing Down

We wouldn’t be surprised if the question in your mind right now is, ‘Is Morphe going out of business?’ The cosmetic industry has been facing a lot of uncertainties lately.

From budding startups to well-established giants, the fate of a brand can change almost overnight. Lately, rumors in the industry have revolved around the industry giant, Morphe Cosmetics.

There have been a lot of concerns recently about the brand as dedicated followers and casual users alike grapple with the potential loss of a beloved brand. The brand has closed many of its stores across the U.S., and this has raised a lot of questions in the beauty community.

But Is Morphe going out of business really? Or is this just another rumor that holds no water? Let’s together dive into this subject to see some happenings that have befell the brand lately and what the future looks like for them.

First, What is Morphe Cosmetic About?

Before diving into the current whirlwind of rumors and speculations surrounding Morphe, it’s essential to trace back to its roots and understand the brand’s genesis.

Founded in 2008 by the dynamic duo, Chris and Linda Tawil, Morphe Cosmetics wasn’t just another name in the beauty industry. Instead, it emerged as a luminary, casting a spell of innovation and affordability that enchanted makeup enthusiasts globally.

What Set Morphe Apart From the Several Cosmetic Brands in the Market?

Well, for starters, Morphe was the answer to many beauty enthusiasts’ dreams: high-quality, vibrant eyeshadow palettes that, miraculously, didn’t require breaking the bank. Gone were the days of choosing between quality and affordability; Morphe bridged that gap with finesse.

But there’s more to their success story. The brand’s secret ingredient was harnessing the power of influencer collaborations. By joining hands with makeup titans like Manny Gutierrez, Nikita Dragun, and Charli D’Amelio, Morphe not only dominated the digital space but also etched a robust brand identity in the minds of consumers.

Is Morphe Going Out of Business?

Is Morphe Going Out of Business
Is Morphe Going Out of Business

Recent murmurings and headlines have painted a picture of uncertainty around Morphe’s future, leading many to ponder: Is this beauty giant truly folding its cards?

In January 2023, Morphe dropped a shocking announcement: they would be closing all of their retail stores across the U.S. Considering their prominent presence in 18 prime U.S. locations, this decision took both fans and industry experts by surprise.

Suddenly, the once-bustling stores, which had been home to a myriad of color swatches, makeup brushes, and passionate discussions about the latest palette, were slated to shut down, triggering a ripple of shock across the beauty community.

However, while the shuttering of their U.S. stores undoubtedly signals a significant shift, you should know that Morphe hasn’t declared a total shutdown. The brand’s operations outside the U.S. remain unaffected, pointing towards a more strategic repositioning rather than a complete exit from the beauty industry.

So, Morphe is not going out of business. It would be better said that the brand is evolving and not shutting down!

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Why Are Morphe Stores Closing Down?

Since Morphe is not going out of business, then the next likely question on anyone’s mind is why the brand is closing down so many stores at the same time.

Well, many factors are responsible for Morphe’s store closures. From financial problems to several legal issues, the brand has faced many serious challenges lately.  

The once-beneficial relationships with beauty influencers also later sowed seeds of turmoil. Icons like Shane Dawson, James Charles, and Jeffree Star, who once amplified Morphe’s allure, became focal points of controversies that dealt a blow to the brand’s public image.

Additionally, not all of Morphe’s decisions sat well with its audience. The rebrand to Forma in 2020, envisioned as a beauty brand incubator, missed the mark, failing to resonate with its dedicated clientele.

The rumors of a potential Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2022, followed by its confirmation in early 2023, were the final indications that change was not just imminent but necessary.

Stores Outside the U.S. Not Closing Down

For all the international Morphe-lovers, this should be good news. Morphe will continue to thrive and sell its products outside the U.S. While they plan and focus on re-strategizing for the U.S. market, the rest of the world can still indulge in all things Morphe.

Will Morphe Still Be Sold Online?

Though their brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S. may be history, Morphe’s online and wholesale sectors are still alive and kicking. So, you can continue to grab your favorite items from their website and from giants like Target and Ulta.

Why Did Morphe End the Ariana Grande Deal?

As Forma Brands, Morphe’s parent company, filed for bankruptcy, changes were inevitable. Among them was the decision to end the licensing agreement with Ariana Grande’s r.e.m. beauty. The specific reasons might be many, but the restructuring and refocusing efforts are evident.

What Did Morphe Employees Think About the Shutter?

Imagine working one day and being informed the next day that it’s all over. The abruptness of the decision left many employees shocked and disheartened. A cascade of emotions flooded social media platforms as employees, caught unaware, expressed their feelings.

Morphe, however, showed their concern towards all of these, and hence have also tried to apologize to these employees in many ways. Really, this recent move by the brand left many workers losing their jobs without any plan for seeking jobs somewhere else before it happens.

Is Morphe FDA Approved?

Now, let’s talk science. A class-action lawsuit revealed that several Morphe products, notably eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners, weren’t exactly eye-friendly. The FDA weighed in, deeming these products unsafe for cosmetic use near the eyes.

When this news broke out, it caused a lot of panic among their loyal customers and even led to the departure of most of them. But there has not been much heard about the incident since it happened. Perhaps Morphe has made some adjustments in that regard.

What Are Some Popular Products of Morphe?

Despite the hiccups, Morphe has given the beauty world some genuine gems. The 35O – Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette, for instance, was every makeup lover’s dream come true.

Collaborations with influencers like James Charles also brought vibrant, colorful palettes that artists adored. Besides eyeshadows, Morphe’s makeup brushes, especially those from the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill collection, became instant hits.

And let’s not forget the Continuous Setting Mist that’s won hearts globally. So, you can see the brand has a lot of amazing products on the shelf. Little wonder, the news of their closure led to serious heartbreak for many beauty lovers across the country.

Is Morphe Going Out of Business – Final Note

Without any doubt, we believe you already have the answer to this question. But in case you missed some parts of the article, Morphe Cosmetics is not going out of business.

Even though the brand had to close down several of its stores across the U.S., its online operations are still intact, and you can still get its products without any issues if you stay outside the U.S.

So, the store closures are not the end of an era for the brand but the start of a new chapter. So, Is Morphe going out of business? The answer is no!


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