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Soft Surroundings Going Out Of Business – Are They Closing Locations?

Are you thinking `Is Soft Surroundings Going Out Of Business`? Well, don’t think any more. You have landed in the right place and we’ll help you out!

Lately, people have been talking and spreading rumors that Soft Surroundings might close down. Although there have been no official statements about what will happen to the brand in the future. It’s necessary to talk about these guesses and identify the reasons behind these rumors. 

In this article, we’ll explain the difficulties that Soft Surroundings or any fashion brand might have in today’s competitive market and many other things that you just need to know.

Let’s get started!

First, What is Soft Surroundings?

Have you heard the name of Soft Surrounding? If not yet, then this article is a must-read.  

Soft Surroundings is a well-known company owned by Robin Shelden. Since its establishment in 1999, it has grown into the largest and most popular store in the country, with over 150 locations nationwide.

Robin Shelden, who previously worked in a women’s clothing store, understands the needs of women when it comes to clothing and household items. This understanding led her to create Soft Surroundings.

Soft Surroundings aims to provide women with comfortable and stylish clothing, makeup, and bedroom items. The company believes that all women, regardless of age, should have access to products that make their day enjoyable and showcase their unique fashion sense.

Soft Surroundings has become a go-to destination for women looking for quality and affordable 

fashion and comfort. With a wide range of products, the brand continues to empower women and enhance their daily lives. 

However many people think that Soft Surrounding is going out of business. We’ll explain it in the section below:

Is Soft Surroundings Going Out Of Business – Answered!

Curious about Soft Surroundings’ future? Stay tuned for the exciting reveal! We’ll explore the truth behind their business status. Don’t miss out!

Lately, there have been rumors online that Soft Surroundings, a famous company, might be in financial trouble and could be closing down. This has made their loyal customers worried about the brand’s future.

It’s important to remember that gossip can spread quickly and affect how we see a company. While the rumors have caused concern, we should be careful and look for reliable sources for accurate information. Official announcements from Soft Surroundings and trustworthy news outlets can give us a clearer picture of what’s going on.

It’s natural for businesses to face challenges, and Soft Surroundings might be going through some difficulties. However, the company doesn’t share its financial details, so we should be cautious about assumptions based on online conversations.

Some customers have expressed frustrations about delayed orders and difficulties with returns, which might have contributed to the rumors about money problems. But it’s crucial to remember that online discussions can sometimes be misleading and may not reflect the whole story. 

Soft Surrounding has both pros and cons, however, this doesn’t indicate that Soft Surrounding is going out of business – but it’s the reality that the company is closing some of its stores. Let’s dig down to know more about the store’s closures.

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Soft Surroundings Store Closures

Well, as you know that Soft Surrounding is not going out of business, but because of some financial issues the company has closed some of its stores. Here’s the list of these stores:

  1. Soft Surroundings store at Orland Park, Orland Crossing: This store, located in Orland Park, is going to close permanently by the end of 2022. Many customers are feeling sad about this news. Before they close, the store is offering significant discounts, up to 70% to 90% off, to sell their remaining products and clear their inventory.
  2. Soft Surroundings outlet in St. Johns Town Center: This store, situated in St. Johns Town Center, has already closed down. It opened around 2018 and had a big sale before shutting its doors. Even though you won’t find it on the Soft Surroundings website anymore, you might still see its name in the St. Johns Town Center store directory.
  3. Soft Surroundings locations in Florida:
  • The Villages: Soft Surroundings has a store in The Villages area of Florida, where customers could shop before the closure.
  • Sarasota: Another Soft Surroundings store used to operate in Sarasota, catering to customers in that region.
  • Estero: The third Soft Surroundings store in Florida was located in Estero, providing another shopping option for customers in that area. However, this store has also closed.

These changes in the stores show that Soft Surroundings is making adjustments to its operations, which can affect where customers can shop and find good deals.

How Does Soft Surrounding Work?

Soft Surroundings operates as a multi-channel retailer, offering its products through various channels, including online, catalogs, and stores. Here’s a general overview of how their business works:

  1. Product Selection: Soft Surroundings carefully selects and offers clothes, accessories, bedding, home decorations, and beauty products that match their brand’s idea of comfort and fashion. They concentrate on providing excellent, one-of-a-kind, and comfortable products for ladies.
  2. Online Presence: Soft Surroundings has a user-friendly website where customers can browse, explore, and purchase products online. The website provides detailed product descriptions, images, and customer reviews to help shoppers make informed decisions.
  3. Catalogs: Soft Surroundings produces catalogs that showcase their products in an appealing and visually pleasing manner. These catalogs are distributed to customers, allowing them to browse products offline and place orders through mail or phone.
  4. Customer Experience: Soft Surroundings prides itself on providing excellent customer service. They have friendly and knowledgeable staff who assist customers both online and in-store. They aim to create a personalized shopping experience and ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Fulfillment and Delivery: Once customers place an order, Soft Surroundings fulfills it by packaging the products securely and shipping them to the specified address. 
  6. Returns and Exchanges: Soft Surroundings has a flexible return and exchange policy, allowing customers to return or exchange unsatisfied items quickly. They prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to resolve any issues promptly.

Products Offered By Soft Surroundings

Here are the product categories offered by Soft Surroundings:

  1. Clothing
  2. Fabrics (cashmere, silk, cotton)
  3. Accessories (jewelry, scarves, handbags)
  4. Beauty and Skincare
  5. Home Decor
  6. Shoes

Contact details 

Do you have a question for the Soft Surroundings team? You can get in touch with them in a few different ways.

Order by phone anytime by calling: 1-800-530-0647

Their  Customer Service hours are:

              8:00 am-9:00 pm CST Monday-Thursday

              8:00 am-4:30 pm CST Friday

Phone: 1-800-240-7076

You can send an email to customerservice@, and you can also reach out to Soft Surroundings on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Conclusions: Soft Surroundings Going Out of Business

To summarize, Surroundings is not Going Out of Business, there is no official announcement about the closure of this company on the Internet. However,  the company faces some financial issues, and can only succeed in a changing retail market if it can overcome its challenges.

The company must watch the market to understand consumers’ wants and ensure it stays ahead. Soft Surroundings can overcome difficult times by using the support of its loyal customers, making sure customers are happy, and looking for new ways to grow.

Keep in mind that the company has closed many of its stores at different locations, but the business is still active. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate and feel free to comment!


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